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Category: Best Girls

Best Girls 2

Best Girls – Louise Belcher, Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers is one of the best cartoons out there, but Louise Belcher deserves a special kind of praise. That she’s my favourite is largely irrelevant here; all of the family are great in their own way and it’s their dynamic which elevates Bob’s Burgers out of being simply and copy and paste of The Simpsons, Family Guy or American […]

Best Girls 0

Best Girl – Aerith Gainsborough, Final Fantasy VII

When Aerith Gainsborough is asked by Shinra to identify herself, her response is ‘local florist!’. It’s one of many lines in the Final Fantasy VII that showcase the personality of the characters, but it also highlights how important flowers are to Aerith. I tackled the what the flowers mean generally to Aerith & Final Fantasy VII’s mythos for Rock Paper […]